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Why internal communications are just as important as external marketing

When most companies think about their communications, there is a temptation to focus on the external at the expense of the internal.

Marketing is of course, an effective way of spreading your company’s message and brand, but this will always be limited if you haven’t first conveyed the same ideals to your employees.

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Security, for example, requires staff members to have a thorough understanding of company protocols. Technical efforts to safeguard your data will be rendered largely useless if you don’t have a clear way of informing employees about these are implemented.

However, it is not just about getting the information out there. How you share your content is also important. Internal communications sometimes have a reputation for being bland – and if so, employees are unlikely to give them a second thought. If companies put the same effort into their internal comms as they do their external marketing, however, there are a number of benefits.

Using video is a great way of improving the spread of internal information, allowing employees who cannot attend company meetings to get up to speed quickly and without missing valuable details. Visuals can also be used to explain complicated ideas more easily and so can prove hugely effective as part of company training programmes. The flexibility that video provides for internal communications can give businesses a real boost.

Firms are also turning to internal social networks as a way of sharing thoughts and encouraging innovation.

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Getting your internal communications right is important, because it is a vital way of improving employee engagement. When done well, members of staff feel more valued and are willing to contribute ideas that could ultimately form your company’s future.