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IT graduates highly sought-after

IT graduates are among the most sought after in the United Kingdom, a new report by CV-Library says.

CV-Library, an independent job site, says that the country grapples with the challenge of an impending skills shortage – there were a total of 893 IT jobs for graduates in January 2016 alone. These jobs were the third most numerous, right behind Education (1,139 jobs) and Engineering (1,204 jobs).

Within the IT graduate positions, two degrees were most sought after: Computing, and Computing Science. Moreover, more and more roles require graduates with a ‘2:1 degree’ without specifying a subject. This has led CV-Library to conclude that companies are actually educating new recruits on the job. The good thing about the situation, says CV-Library, is that there are more than 540,000 candidates seeking IT work.

“I’m not surprised by the results; our data directly correlates with ongoing reports of skills shortages across many of the UK’s key industries and this is a particularly big concern for the IT industry,” says Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library. “Businesses can’t face this problem alone; it’s a much broader issue which requires further government intervention. More needs to be done in early education to entice our future generations to acquire necessary digital skills; otherwise the threat of skills shortages in years to come will quickly become a reality.”

Florin Cornianu recently wrote how Europe’s IT industry is suffering from a growing skills gap. Demand for IT and coding talent is expected to continue to increase in the short to medium term.