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Would you use social media for shopping?

Retailers are pretty fond of the idea of selling stuff directly through social media sites, and the idea sits pretty well with consumers, as well. That's why HSO, innovative business solutions provider wants to act as a facilitator through its ERP solution.

Based on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform, it can help retailers engage with customers.

The idea is based off a research done by HSO, in which 28 per cent of respondents said they were open to making at least some purchases in this way rather than through a traditional online sale model.

“Our survey results suggest that now is the time for forward-thinking retailers to start exploring the option to do this,” says Hector Hickmott, HSO sales director. “With more than a quarter of the sample saying that they would be open to this for some purchases, there is clearly an appetite from the public for this kind of service. We believe it represents a significant potential new route to market for retail businesses as they battle to establish an edge over their rivals.”

The survey also suggests there's a change in how consumers view their favourite retailers on social media – before they were mostly used to complain and share feedback on customer experience.

Forty-one per cent of respondents said they look for discounts and promotions on social media, while 29 per cent said they use it to complain.

“The survey highlights a shift in the way that consumers view engagement over social media sites,” adds Hickmott. “They’ve always been a forum for debate, of course. And that will continue, but increasingly users are looking at social media in a more commercial context.

“Initially, that was more about discussing potential purchases,” he adds “In the future, social sites will become portals for purchasing transactions too, which represents a great opportunity for retailers today.”