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IT professionals know your secrets

You should not have bullied that geek at primary school, because if that geek is now the chief of IT at your company, there are good chances he's seen things you'd like to remain hidden forever.

AlienVault has conducted a research into the level of trust and responsibility being placed on IT professionals in the working environment, and the results say that more than three quarters of those workers have seen other employees' secrets. Now you know you your new best friend at the office should be.

More than 600 IT professionals have been surveyed, asking how they're being treated at the office, and the majority have said they had been called to help get their colleagues out of embarrassing situations.

Almost all the respondents (95 per cent) said they'd fixed an executive's PC during work hours, and 77 per cent know your dirty secrets.

“IT professionals are the superheroes of modern organizations,” says Javvad Malik, security advocate at AlienVault. "They are the people we call when things go wrong and who will drop everything to come and help us out if a problem occurs. But they are also the ones we trust with our secrets at work. If you click on a link that you shouldn’t have, or download a potentially dangerous file, then they are the people you’ll call. Some IT pros also have access to emails and data that has been quarantined due to its sensitive content. This gives them a clear vantage point into your private affairs, so it’s very important that you trust them.”