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Spiceworks updates Network Monitor with new features

The professional network for informational technology, Spiceworks, today unveiled a new set of features for its Spiceworks Network Monitor, allowing system administrators to monitor their network devices in real-time.

According to the press release following the announcement, IT professionals can now monitor services, processes and ports on their network, as well as any device with an IP address, which includes pretty much every Internet of Things (IoT) device – security cameras, printers, projectors, and more.

The company said the Monitor only takes minutes to be installed and set up, and that it enables users to monitor, in real-time, critical devices like Windows and Linux servers, as well as switches and other network devices.

There are a couple of new features, including uptime checks for IP-enabled devices that allow IT professionals to have a quick glance if a device is responding. Service and process monitoring allows administrators to troubleshoot various issues, customize alerts and restart devices directly through the Monitor. There’s also port monitoring, which allows admins to keep an eye out on network bandwidth usage and saturation at port level.

“Many network-connected devices in our organization, such as our VoIP phones and printers, don’t require deep performance monitoring, but we do want to ensure they’re online and functioning properly,” said Zack White, network administrator at the Madison County Commission in Alabama. “Spiceworks Network Monitor makes it easy by showing us the online status of all important devices and notifying us if they begin experiencing connectivity issues.”