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A quarter of businesses outsource IT talent

Outsourcing seems to be on the rise in the UK. Following the arvato report which said that the government spend for outsourced work spiked in the second half of 2015, we now have another report showing how many businesses look abroad for IT talent.

The report, released by IT resourcing specialist Experis, says that 25 per cent (one in four) businesses in the UK now outsource IT expertise.

In terms of the type of work done by outsourced workers, the report says Development Solutions is the discipline most likely to be given, with 32 per cent of all businesses giving most, or at least half of work outside the country.

On the other hand, Information Security and Project Management seem to be disciplines companies would rather keep close to home, with just 7 per cent outsourcing this type of work.

Experis suggests this might mean companies feel safer outsourcing professionals closer to them, or that these challenges were viewed as more difficult to accomplish without in-person teams.

“Achieving the right balance between local expertise and international flexibility is never a simple task,” says Geoff Smith, managing director at Experis Europe. "Modern IT teams are governed by fierce cost and time pressures which often forces them into creating diverse international teams to get the job done. New technology makes it far easier to manage and facilitate this, but there is still a need for long term planning that takes advantage of global talent pools, but keeps local knowledge at the core.”