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EE top UK mobile operator in RootMetrics rankings

EE has been declared as the fastest and top overall operator in the UK, at the UK-wide level in the RootMetrics 2nd Half 2015 UK RootScore Report.

The bi-annual report is considered industry standard for unbiased, comprehensive, and accurate mobile performance information for the UK as a whole and in each of the four nations.

Provider EE was shown as the best, winning five out of six Rootscore awards, including an award for overall performance, network speed, mobile internet, call and text. The last award, even though in EE's shade, went into the hands of Three, who was ranked number one in network reliability for the first time.

Three was second place in overall performance, but last in network speed. O2 was number three in speed and second for text, while it split the second place with Three over call performance.

For network speed, Vodafone took spot number two, and ranked third for overall performance.

“EE continues to provide the best mobile performance across the UK, but we’re seeing some of the other operators making good improvements across all the different ways we use our mobile phones,” said Scott Stonham, RootMetrics General Manager of Europe.

“Choosing the mobile operator that’s right for you is not one-size-fits-all. While some people care most about fast mobile internet so they can watch videos or download music without delay, others just want to know that they can reliably make a call or send a text. Consumers can use this report to make informed decisions based on where they live and how they tend to use their phone.”

Nation-by-nation performance, as well as metro and a comprehensive mobile performance, can be found on this link.