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IT professionals are feeling the pressure

Security breaches, data theft and various cyber-threats with expensive consequences have put a lot of pressure on IT executives everywhere, a new comprehensive study by Trustwave says.

The report, entitled 2016 Security Pressures Report, says 63 per cent of information security pros feel more pressure to secure their companies, compared to the year before. Moreover, 65 per cent feel more pressure this year as well, and these numbers have grown 9 per cent and 8 per cent respectively.

The lack of skilled security workers is now the third biggest operational pressure, jumping up from the eighth position. There’s also the ‘board burden’, with 40 per cent feeling most pressure either just before or after a board meeting – 1 per cent higher than how they feel after a major data breach.

The cloud and Internet of Things devices are the two riskiest technologies, and ones IT experts are pressured most into deploying.

“Security professionals live in a unique and stressful environment, defined by conflict with faceless attackers as well as internal threats,” said Steve Kelley, Chief Marketing Officer at Trustwave. “Businesses rely on information security more than ever before and the pressure to show measurable success is taking a toll on security practitioners. The widening gulf between the expected outcomes and the struggle to maintain adequate solutions and staff is driving businesses, now as many as 86% of them, to partner with a managed security services provider to relax the pressures and help them achieve their cybersecurity goals.”

The full report about the pressures IT experts are facing every day can be found on this link.