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5G will have a 'catalytic effect' on businesses

451 Research has recently released its first Foresight Report – a detailed, in-depth look into 5G and what it will mean for businesses.

The general conclusion of the report is that 5G will be much more than another 'G' – it is expected to completely transform the faces of many businesses, and 451 Research encourages every company that has even the slightest connection to doing business online, to thoroughly assess the coming impact of 5G.

High-speed mobile internet is expected to trigger a 'wave of innovation', as computing power and information becomes instantaneously available. Its implementation, however, won’t go as smoothly. Deployment will depend on those seeking to leapfrog others, as well as local demand for features that weren’t possible on older types of mobile networks. 451 Research also stresses that not all 5G technologies are proven, and not all are worth the investment. Low latency services, low power services, as well as services capable of supporting huge numbers of devices should be in the centre of attention.

451 Research also says governments and operators view 5G differently, which is a conflict that can lead to the creation of private-public partnerships to raise financing.

“IT players need to think about IoT now and 5G soon,” said Ken Rehbehn, principal analyst for mobile telecom, at 451 Research. “Whether it is real-time analytics, datacenter design, location-based Web services, or social networks and digital currencies, 5G will affect demand patterns as early as 2018. This Foresight project takes a holistic view of the far-reaching consequences to help IT companies prepare strategies.”