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NETSCOUT customers need less time and money to fix service delivery problems

Cybersecurity firm NETSCOUT SYSTEMS released the results of a survey created to see if its customers are benefitting from using its services and guess what – they are.

The research was conducted by research firm TechValidate, and it says that NETSCOUT’s continuous monitoring of traffic-based data and real time analysis to quickly locate service performance problems “helped customers navigate through digital disruptions”.

Here are some numbers from the research: 80 per cent of NETSCOUT customers reduced their MTTK by 80 per cent or more, while decreasing operational costs at the same time.

The MTTK stands for Mean Time To Know and represents how long a company takes to realise its security has been breached.

The report also says that 90 per cent of IT professionals agree ASI technology offers comprehensive, end-to-end visibility of service delivery dependencies and interrelationships, and 80 per cent have reduced the time spent in the ‘war room’ for core incidents by 80 per cent or more.

The survey was sent out to hundreds of IT professionals around the world, and NETSCOUT says the results were ‘spectacular’.

“Businesses are at different stages of investing in Digital Transformation. Whether the underlying digital initiative is virtualization, cloud, IoT, mobility or big data, one thing is certain; Digital Transformation allows companies to redefine the customer experience, operational processes and business models and rely on infrastructure for continuous connectivity. To accelerate Digital Transformation, the most important thing is to get a meaningful and contextual view across virtual, physical and hybrid service delivery environments through continuous monitoring of traffic-based data and real-time analysis,” says Jim McNiel, chief marketing officer at NETSCOUT.