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Adobe Creative Cloud secretly deletes Mac user data

After a recent update to Adobe's Creative Cloud service, some users have reported having their personal data deleted.

The data was apparently deleted without their consent or even a warning. The bug has only affected Mac users who installed the update to Creative Cloud and then logged in using their Adobe accounts.

Once the users signed in, Creative Cloud activated a script which deleted the contents of the first folder in their computers root directory. Mac users, who use the data backup service Backblaze, ended up being hit the hardest by the bug. The bug deleted the first folder in alphabetical order and this service stored its backups in a hidden root folder named .bvzol.

Adobe users who stored their data with Backblaze lost this folder which in turn caused the backup service to receive numerous complaints from its users. The company has since released three videos that show how the bug operates and secretly deletes user data.

Mac users who do not use Backblaze's services will have a folder named .DocumentRevisions-V10 as the first folder on their Mac root drive. This folder is quite important as it handles data related to Mac autosave and Version history functions. The bug could also seriously impact users who have their important data stored in folders which include spaces because they would end up being first alphabetically on a Mac's file system.

Adobe is fully aware of the issue and has halted further downloads of the update. The company recommends that Creative Cloud users who have not yet installed the update put off doing so until it can come up with a tutorial to avoid user data being deleted unknowingly.

Users who have installed the update are encouraged to not log into their Adobe accounts at the time being.

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Anthony Spadafora
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