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Mobile has a 'dramatic' impact on society

More than three quarters of consumers say that mobile technology is having a ‘dramatic’ impact on their daily life.

This is the result of a consumer survey, done by creative digital marketing agency Ampersand Mobile, that wanted to take a look into the impact of mobile on the economy.

According to the survey, mobile has had a dramatic impact on 76 per cent of those questioned, from social behaviour to memory and health.

The survey looked at what people need smartphones the most, and it turns out 47 per cent would miss the social element, while 24 would miss music and other entertainment. The camera would be missed by 21 per cent, the same amount as with news.

“Mobile technology is clearly having a dramatic impact on daily life, from social interaction, to the way we speak, our memory, our health, how we parent our children and ultimately the economy: how much we are spending, and where that money is being spent. Brands must devote more time, thought and ultimately financial investment into mobile. A tick box approach is not good enough with a potential £10.09 billion at stake: mobile must be right at the top of the boardroom agenda,” commented Nader Alaghband, CEO of Ampersand Mobile.

That’s not all the survey unveiled. It also said almost half (41 per cent) bought more products and services through their mobile phone in the last year compared to the year before.

That has brought UK’s total spending on mobile devices in 2016 up to a potential £10.09 billion.