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NCA to offer more in the battle against cyber-crime

Combating cyber-crime and protecting businesses from hackers is about to become the number one priority for the NCA (National Crime Agency), Computer Weekly reported on Monday.

In an exclusive interview for the Computer Weekly, NCCU deputy director Sarah Goodall said former deputy director Andy Archibald made it a key area of focus, but she aims to make it a 'top priority'.

“We’ve got to do that at greater pace and at greater scale,” she said.

There are three steps she plans on taking to improve the cyber-security for businesses. First one is to allocate more resources, which means training more people to engage with businesses, share information and expertise on best cyber-security practices.

The second step is to eliminate the practice in which the NCCU assumes what concerns their industry partners, or what those partners consider the “best fix” in a cyber-crime situation.

“I want our partners to feel confident in the law enforcement cyber community, so they know how to protect themselves, they can discuss their concerns and cyber-attacks in confidence and they can contribute to collective learning on how to tackle cyber-crime,” she said.

The third step is to take initiative: “Going forward, we will focus on how to become even better at drawing out themes that provide value such as ransomware, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and bullet-proof hosting services, and setting up initiatives to tackle the most pressing of these issues together with industry,” said Goodall.

The full interview with Sarah Goodall can be found on this link.