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Three testing home mobile broadband in Northern Ireland

Three has rolled out a trial version of its home mobile broadband service in Northern Ireland, the company announced on Monday. The home Wi-Fi ‘plug’n’play’ service is created with students and renters in mind, as people who have little need for a landline telephone service, or move places often. This could also be good news for businesses in the region, in need of a faster and more mobile connection.

It is also the first mobile broadband service to be targeted at home users in the region, the company said in a press release.

The service is easy to set up, only takes a few minutes to start surfing, and if the user decides to move, he/she needs only bring the router.

There are two packages being offered, 20GB and 40GB ones, with the latter being £20 a month. Users can choose to pay either monthly or yearly. Customers do not need to be an existing Three customer to take part in the trial, the company said.

In terms of speed, Three offers both its 3G network with an average speed of 9.9Mbps, or 4G, available in certain regions. A total of 500 devices are available during trial.

Three chief marketing officer Tom Malleschitz said: “Our home broadband service offers an alternative to a costly fixed-line service which many consumers have no need for. Best of all, its super-simple – consumers can just plug and play with no need for complex installation.”