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G-Cloud sales rose by £55 million in December

G-Cloud sales have increased by £55 million in December, the media have announced on Tuesday, bringing the total sales up to £959 million.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) have accounted for 51 per cent of sales by value during the month.

By volume, SMBs account for 61 per cent of sales.

In its report on the G-Cloud sales, V3 says that central government did most of the spending, adding that it’s nothing out of the ordinary. It said that 75 per cent of spending was attributed to central government, with 25 per cent remaining going to the public sector,

Looking at the public sector, this represents a growth of 11 per cent compared to the month before. It could mean that local councils and NGOs are becoming more aware and more interested in cloud-based opportunities.

The Digital Services framework has also witnessed an increase in spending, jumping £7 million compared to the month before, up to £43.6m.

The Digital Services and the G-Cloud together make up the Digital Marketplace, which has, as we reported earlier, broken the £1 billion mark.

Cabinet Office minister Matt Hancock suggested that the figures prove the success of the Digital Marketplace.

“From a small handful of suppliers five years ago, there are now 2,433 suppliers to government of digital services on the Digital Marketplace. It shows that this is not just an agenda for delivering public services but for developing a whole industry that can supply the cutting-edge technology we need,” he said at the Sprint 16 event.