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Businesses in need for a Chief IoT Officer

If you're looking for a new job, you might consider applying for a Chief IoT Officer position. Yes, it's a fairly new job opening, but according to a new survey by Webroot and IO, more than half of businesses in the UK are planning to employ a person for that position.

The new position will be strongly present in the education industy (63 per cent), retail (63 per cent) and telecomms (64 per cent).

There's another interesting claim in the report, entitled “IoT: Risk or Reward?” – 94 per cent of all UK businesses are investing in various initiatives as they prepare for the deployment of IoT.

The survey was done on 500 UK CEOs. With a quarter being small and micro-sized businesses.

There's an increase in IoT investment this year as well, with 60 per cent of companies increasing it by an average of 42 per cent. And they're not just doing it for laughs and giggles – they're expecting real results like increased revenue and greater competitive advantage. This has also changed as of lately, as 68 per cent of businesses now expect to benefit from IoT, up from 20 per cent we see today.

IO’s Director Andrew Roughan said: “We’re definitely seeing a move in enterprises. In recent years, we have seen a large and growing infrastructure investment to build digital infrastructures for the future. We haven’t seen the tipping point yet in terms of how that has been utilised, the type of traffic and utilisation that will flow through both datacentres’ network infrastructure and devices.“