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Seagate ships world's slimmest HDD

Storage company Seagate announced recently that it has started shipping the world's slimmest and fastest hard-disk drive, the Seagate Mobile HDD.

The disk has a storage capacity of 2TB, and is 7mm thin. It weighs 3.17 oz (just under 90 grams), and is 25 per cent lighter than the previous generation of mobile hard drives.

By building a disk in a smaller form factor, Seagate hopes laptop manufacturers will choose it as it frees up valuable space for other designed-in features, like a bigger battery or more memory. Or it could simply mean a smaller laptop.

“In an industry first, our engineers have been able to boost areal density to 1TB per platter in a 2.5-inch form factor, allowing our OEM customers the flexibility to design and build virtually any kind of laptop they can envision, with plenty of storage to boot,” said Matt Rutledge, Seagate’s senior vice president, client storage. “Laptops today must satisfy consumer demand for fast computing and high capacity storage capabilities on one hand, while also offering compelling designs and slim styling on the other. With the introduction of Seagate’s new Mobile HDD, laptop manufacturers no longer need to make tradeoffs between these seemingly competing mandates.”

The drive is available in both 1TB and 2TB capacities, however pricing wasn't mentioned.

“Data growth continues to explode and as such more and more data is being created and stored on mobile devices,” says Wentao Yang, vice president, global procurement, Lenovo. “Seagate is addressing this challenge head on by introducing the Mobile HDD, an innovative new drive that provides our designers with the freedom to create devices with high capacity in a form factor consumers demand— making it a win win for both of us.”


Seagate has reached out to us with the pricing for the device. The 1TB disk will cost 74.99€ (FR and DE) / 59.99£ (UK), while the 2TB will cost 129.99€ (FR and DE) / 99.99£ (UK).