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Vodafone announces new partners as it pushes for 5G

Vodafone Group announced a new partnership on Wednesday, as it starts preparing for the upcoming 5G mobile technology.

The telecommunications company is partnering up with Huawei, Nokia, Ericsson, Intel and Qualcomm, and the team will work on researching new 5G technologies and preparing for the transition to the new mobile standard.

5G is expected to be formally defined by the International Telecoms Union by 2020. Vodafone said it will work to define industry standards, test hardware and software and prioritise the benefits of 5G that can be brought to market by 2020.

5G is showing huge potential, both for consumers and for businesses, as it can significantly reduce latency and allow ultra-fast download and upload speeds. Businesses turning to the Internet of Things are particularly interested in 5G.

The new standard is also expected to improve spectral efficiency and network reliability, as well as increase the number of devices that can connect to the network at the same time, another treat for the IoT industry.

“The telecoms industry is still establishing what technology will deliver the benefits we expect from 5G, so it is important to establish dedicated research programmes with these leading global companies,” said Vodafone CEO, Johan Wibergh. “We expect 5G to radically enhance the speed, resilience and intelligence of mobile networks, enabling Vodafone customers to remain confidently connected as their usage of mobile data increases.”

Huawei’s rotating CEO Eric Xu said “5G carries the historical mission for another decade of mobile industry evolution into the 2020s.”