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Unlimited SMS is a source of spam, mobile experts say, together with telecoms security and revenue firm HAUD, today released the Intelligence Annual Industry Survey.

Among the key takeaways of the survey is the fact that 64 per cent of global organisations believe unlimited SMS undermines the potential of A2P (application to person) revenue generation.

Moreover, 62 per cent added that they see limitless SMS as the main source of spam.

Another key insight is the rise in OTT (over the top) messaging, as well as the challenge the mobile market is facing, with 62 per cent of organisations admitting to using unlimited SMS tariffs.

“This research turns the spotlight on the mobile industry and illustrates how unlimited SMS tariffs are hurting operators in an unexpected way, putting long-term viability into question, while also suggesting they are causing the industry more harm than good,” said Claire Cassar, CEO at HAUD.

“Protection is clearly an area mobile operators need to address to secure their organisations and ensure these threats can be caught and abolished early enough to guarantee that unlimited SMS tariffs are being used effectively by rightful consumers.”

The report also looked at the SS7 security: 84 per cent of industry experts find it important, while 31 do not understand the individual risks it poses to their organisations.

Almost a third (29 per cent) said they were particularly concerned about SS7 security, adding that the most dangerous and significant threats haven’t yet been discovered.

“Companies must understand the importance of security and the detrimental impact vulnerabilities can have. Undergoing in-depth and regular traffic auditing can combat this and ensure that the right firewall configuration and enhancements are in place, and the organisation is protected against such threats,” Claire added.