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US DoD starts year-long mass upgrade to Windows 10

The US Department of Defense (DoD) is launching a plan to standardise the operating systems across the entire agency by upgrading approximately "4 million devices and systems" to Windows 10 by February 2017.

Windows 10 deployments will start immediately, according to a blog post published by Microsoft yesterday, which also says that "this is an unprecedented move for the DoD and the largest enterprise deployment of Windows 10 to date."

This announcement follows on from a memo issued by Terry Halvorsen - CIO for the DoD - in November 2015, directing the deployment of Windows 10 across all Service Agencies and Field Activities to improve cybersecurity and streamline the IT operating environment.

Patrick Moorhead, president and principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy said: "I'm expecting all this to happen in a year. To me, this means they know their prior Windows machines aren't that secure and this is of the highest importance. The DoD is typically the last to roll things out as it's viewed as safer and more secure. The opposite is turn now. Hackers are moving so fast, the DoD needs the latest tech to combat it."

"This also says to me that Windows 10 is ready for the broadest deployments inside corporations. The DoD wouldn't be doing this many systems as fast if this weren't the case."

Windows 10 has been Microsoft's most successful OS release ever, having already overtaken its predecessor Windows 8.1 and showing good adoption rates in the enterprise sector.

Image source: Shutterstock/Frontpage