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Adobe simplifies enterprise app building and management

Adobe today announced a new platform to simplify the process of building and managing visually appealing enterprise applications at MWC 2016.

Adobe Experience Manager Mobile also enables developers to extend the functionality of these apps by connecting them to critical business systems such as CRM and ERP.

“Mobile apps are integral to the enterprise, yet brands struggle with how to build, manage and deliver mobile experiences that consumers have grown accustomed to,” said Nick Bogaty, senior director, Adobe Experience Manager Mobile. “Adobe Experience Manager Mobile brings the simplicity, functionality and design that people expect to enterprise apps.”

Using the platform, enterprises can incorporate new and existing content from any content management system to create new mobile app channels and the unified dashboard view enables users to manage and update multiple apps within an enterprise from a single location.

Designers and marketers will be able to rapidly create apps for Android, iOS or Windows and leverage content to cross-publish to other websites and apps.

Finally, integrating with Adobe Analytics gives enterprises the tools to analyse and optimise app performance without incurring any additional costs, enabling them to improve the user experience and drive engagement.

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Image source: Shutterstock/Ken Wolter