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Cisco makes three significant annoucements

Today, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Cisco has made three significant announcements.

First, the company said it is teaming up with Ericsson and Intel to develop the industry’s first 5G router.

The router should be able to offer Gigabit-per-second speeds, enabling businesses faster speeds, less latency and the ability to handle a bunch of connected devices at the same time.

“Verizon continues to accelerate innovation around 5G technology by working closely with our partners,” said Ed Chan, senior vice president of Technology Strategy & Planning at Verizon. “We were the first to launch 4G nationwide. With 5G, we will again drive innovation across the technology landscape.”

The second announcement is about the Ultra Services Platform, a new and unique technology, allowing Deutsche Telekom and SK Telecom to unify their physical and virtual resources.

That way, the duo will be able to offer greater agility and lower cost. Among the benefits of the new service are a new software-defined networking (SDN) distributed network, a centralised service creation and control, and automated deployments.

“As our customers embrace digitization, they are expecting a much more flexible and faster service introduction from their network operators,” said Franz Seiser, vice president Core Network and Services, Deutsche Telekom AG. “We have proven that our distributed approach based on SDN and NFV within our Network-optimized Infrastructure Cloud gives us the flexibility and scale needed to enhance our customers' digital experience to a much higher level.”

The third announcement is linked to the Internet of Things industry – Cisco said it’s teaming up with AT&T to help businesses deploy and monetise IoT apps easier. Developers using the AT&T Global SIM, AT&T Control Center and AT&T IoT Services can now access Cisco’s Fog, the company said in a press release.