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New platform helps protect enterprise Android use

Allowing the use of mobile devices and BYOD in the enterprise has led to new challenges for IT teams. Not lease of these is controlling which apps employees can access and how they can use them.

Security solutions provider OptioLabs is launching a new platform that will allow enterprises to create policies that control each of the 3,300 system methods in Android to provide targeted security protections.

Called OptioInsight, it allows IT staff to deploy a situationally-aware policy to achieve HIPAA, or FISMA compliance for their mobile devices. These sophisticated situational policies apply controls automatically, based on time, location, network and other factors - enforcing strict controls only when they are needed, and still preserving an optimal mobile experience for the user. Being cloud-based it can be managed from any browser and can be hosted by OptioLabs or in a private cloud.

"The increasing speed and sophistication of mobile security threats can easily overwhelm even the best enterprise cybersecurity teams and put sensitive and critical data at risk," says Bill Anderson, Chief Product Officer of OptioLabs. "OptioInsight puts enterprise cybersecurity teams in control, giving them the ability to enforce - based on policy - how specific applications are used throughout their environment".

Other features include context-sensitive security policies across Optio-ready devices. This means an enterprise can define security policies that adapt as the mobile user moves through different environments - ensuring strong security when enterprise resources are used, but allowing the user full access at other times.

OptioInsight synchronises with Active Directory to inherit user accounts and group assignments and will automatically update device policies for registered Enterprise users. It can also track system, application, device and user behavior for all Optio-ready devices to produce data analytics for emerging threats.

You can find out more about OptioInsight on the company's website.

Photo credit: Kirill__M / Shutterstock