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CrowdStrike updates Falcon platform to combat security breaches

Effective cyber security is all about seeing threats and being able to respond to them quickly and effectively. Increasingly this means using the cloud to deliver intelligence.

CrowdStrike, a specialist in cloud-delivered protection, is launching a new version of its Falcon platform to deliver endpoint, detection and response functions along with advanced antivirus capabilities.

CrowdStrike's fully cloud-based Threat Graph model analyses and correlates billions of events in real-time, spots anomalies, and detects behavioural patterns to track and stop both known and unknown threats. This model allows Falcon Host to act like a 'DVR,' providing retrospective visibility and unlimited cloud-recall capabilities. This forensic capacity helps cut the time and cost of incident response, while increasing the chances of containing and mitigating damage by allowing customers to search and query all endpoints in seconds.

Extension of the platform's APIs means customers can integrate existing third party intelligence and so don't waste their current security investments. Falcon Connector can also transmit Threat Graph information to a customer's preferred SIEM system.

There's a new ransomware blocking feature too, and added protection for Linux systems with Linux-specific behavioural defenses based on indicators of attack.

"Our enhancements of CrowdStrike's Falcon Platform reflect our core customer value for redefining next generation endpoint protection to stop breaches," says Dave Cole, CrowdStrike's chief product officer. "Continuing to advance IoA-based prevention with ransomware exploit blocking and machine learning capability are just a couple of the new features that we are announcing today. Expanding CrowdStrike Falcon’s sensor coverage to Linux platforms, combined with our established support for Windows and Mac, is another significant market-leading accomplishment that allows us to provide protection across all mainstream endpoint operating systems.

"We are committed to continuing to build new innovative capabilities to change the game in endpoint security and ensure that CrowdStrike customers are able to protect themselves against all threats, known and unknown, in the most effective and efficient manner possible".

You can find out more about the latest release on the CrowdStrike website.

Image Credit: Balefire / Shutterstock