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Heads of business taking over mobile app development

There will be more of a business-led approach to mobile app development in the near future, according to a new survey by open-source company Red Hat. It commissioned researchers Vanson Bourne to conduct two separate enterprise mobility surveys, one for heads of IT, and one for heads of business.

According to the report, there is an increase in collaboration between business and IT leaders to help meet enterprise demand. However, there’s a discrepancy between what the two think is the primary objective for their mobile app strategy.

Among heads of business, automating processes is the primary objective (47 per cent), with 26 per cent saying business transformation was the number one priority. They also believe they will be responsible for tracking mobile app’s KPIs (key performance indicators) within the year.

Among IT executives, 35 per cent believe mobile app development is a way to achieve business transformation.

The survey suggests that mobile app development will fall more into the lines of business (LOB) domain, with 36 per cent of LOB anticipating they will lead development efforts. They do acknowledge that they’ll need the help of their IT colleagues.

“The new mobile survey shows that there is a mutual understanding from both LOB and IT executives that mobile app development will take on more of a business-led approach in the near future,” said Cathal McGloin, vice president for mobile platforms at Red Hat.

“Organisations that have fully implemented a mobile app strategy are more likely to be empowering their line of business managers to influence the development of mobile apps and are supported by IT through the use of modern app development tools, platforms and integration technologies. This is collaboration in action. I see the relationship between LOB and IT continuing to strengthen as mobile programmes become increasingly focused on business outcomes.”