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How much do you think your identity is worth?

How much do you think your identity is worth? According to a survey by global identity data intelligence specialists, GBG, not very much.

The company says nearly a quarter (23 per cent) of UK consumers value their data at £500 or less. It compares it to the price of an iPhone 6s, which costs £39 more.

So basically, Apple values a piece of shiny plastic more than some of us value our identities.

The younger generation is the most brutal in that respect – 35 per cent of 18 – 24s said their personal identity is worth £1,000 or less, compared to 17 per cent of 65-year-olds.

When it comes to pricing more than £10,000, 67 per cent of those 65 and older would agree. Among 18 – 24s, that percentage is at 49.

“It is ironic that some consumers would price their identity at a cost lower than the price of a smartphone – the very device that, today, holds the key to an individual’s identity,” said Richard Law, Chief Executive at GBG. “Given that we now spend so much time on our mobile devices and with our identities spread so widely across a global network, it’s no longer a question of ‘if’ that personal data gets compromised, it’s when. My view is that consumers are massively undervaluing their identities. Personal information is priceless and we all need to be involved in protecting it to ensure the digital economy we have come to rely on can flourish.”

GBG advises everyone to think before sharing, be vigilant and make sure you know who you're speaking to when out and about in the digital realm.