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MWC 2016: LG and Samsung rule Twitter as Xiaomi joins the party

Mobile World Congress 2016 is drawing to a close in Barcelona, after another action-packed conference packed full of new launches and releases.

We've had multiple tablet announcements in the form of the impressive Huawei MateBook, Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q736 and Lenovo TAB3 10 Business and a new mobility ecosystem with HP's Elite x3.

But who are the winners of MWC 2016? Well, PR firm Hotwire has analysed the 405,132 tweets featuring #MWC16 to reveal the most talked about brands and products of the last few days.

Starting with brands, LG can proudly lay claim to top spot with 44,482 tweets, primarily thanks to the excitement generated by the release of the LG G5 smartphone. Rounding out the top three were Samsung with 40,873 tweets and Sony with 21,572. Apple and BlackBerry have both been knocked out of the top ten from MWC 2015, with Qualcomm managing to hold on to tenth place and Xiaomi muscling it's way up to fifth place after not appearing last year.

In terms of the most talked-about trends, there aren't a huge amount of surprises. Samsung's new Galaxy smartphones - the S7 and S7 Edge - both feature, as does the LG G5. 'Zuckerberg' makes it in to the time ten thanks to his surprise appearance at the Samsung conference and his keynote session on Monday afternoon, along with key trends such as IoT and VR. The full top ten lists for brands and products are shown below:

Top 10 brands of MWC 2016

  1. LG - 44,482
  2. Samsung - 40,873
  3. Sony - 21,572
  4. Huawei 15,556
  5. Xiaomi - 12,819
  6. Lenovo - 13,042
  7. HTC - 11,483
  8. Android - 11,723
  9. Windows - 9,162
  10. Qualcomm - 8,736

Top 10 trends of MWC 2016

  1. Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge – 35,360
  2. LG G5 - 34,496
  3. Xperia - 22,409
  4. Zuckerberg - 16,074
  5. IoT - 14,487
  6. VR - 13,941
  7. 5G - 12,650
  8. 360 - 10,885
  9. Windows - 9,162
  10. Tablet – 8,661

Matt Cross, Deputy MD at Hotwire UK commented: “This MWC we’re seeing emerging brands and technologies stealing the show, with some of the major players, that dominated last year, barely getting a look in. Wearables were the ‘big thing’ last year with both the Huawei Watch and the HTC RE Grip launching at the event, ahead of the eagerly anticipated Apple Watch. But despite having created a massive buzz at CES 2016, wearables failed to make an impact at MWC, owning just a fraction of the conversation in which VR and 5G dominated.

“It was a similar story with the brands at the event. Chinese market disruptor, Xiaomi, has launched itself into the limelight this MWC, – knocking massive brands like Apple and Microsoft off the top 10 list.

“As the growth of smartphone sales continues to slow, pressure is ramping up on Apple and Samsung to do something really special – will the S7 and iPhone 7 do that? Markets analysts appear to doubt it. At the same time, brands such as Xiaomi will begin to compete more seriously in Western markets, attacking with lower-cost, high-functionality devices.

"2016 could shape up to be a scrappy fight as some of the lines are redrawn within the handset sector."