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SAP SE helps Reuters better cover US presidential elections

SAP SE and Reuters have announced a new partnership yesterday under which the news agency will use some of SAP SE’s technology to better cover the US presidential elections.

There are three things Reuters can now do: first, it will use the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service as the backbone of the Reuters Polling Explorer. The SAP HANA will allow Reuters journalists access to a 100 million of survey responses, for a more precise reporting on public opinion.

Secondly, it has used the SAP Mobile Platform to build the new White House Run mobile app. The app allows users to simulate the role of a presidential candidate. This will help people “understand the electability of different political personas and compare results with friends”. The app will also feature election news and similar features.

Finally, Reuters will now have access to SAP’s Lumira software, used for analytics and insights. It will allow journalists to use the data to create visual stories.

“Digital technologies are transforming the American voter into the digital voter, and redefining how media organisations create engaging content and experiences,” said Jennifer Morgan, president, SAP North America. “With SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud as the new backbone for Reuters Polling Explorer, Reuters can shape data-driven stories about the 2016 U.S. presidential election faster. And with SAP Mobile Platform behind its new interactive voter experience app, Reuters can give consumers its fact-driven news experience anywhere, anytime.”

“The U.S. presidential election is one of the most important events this year, and data plays a key role in understanding it,” said Daniel Mandell, chief revenue officer of Reuters Media. “Voters rely on our coverage to make informed decisions. Partnering with SAP has allowed us to build a technological platform that enables our editorial team to quickly and efficiently sort through a mountain of data. This technology will let us deliver to readers the independently produced, unbiased news and information that they expect from Reuters.”