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Almost half of iPhone users are exceptionally safe

Businesspeople using iPhones are doing all they can to keep their devices, and the data on those devise, safe.

That is the conclusion coming out of Duo Security, a cloud-based provider protecting some of the world’s largest and fastest growing organisations.

Duo Security has taken a look at its dataset comprising a million iPhones and has found out that almost 50 per cent of users are among the most secure.

Those users have activated Touch ID and PIN codes, run the latest iOS and have upgraded to the latest hardware model with Secure Enclave.

Moreover, 93 per cent are running iOS 8 or newer, meaning Apple can’t decrypt the data on those devices, if the government asks them to.

Following the Edward Snowden revelations, both Google and Apple have decided to amp up the security on their devices. Apple is building encryption into iPhones right out of the box, giving the average user more protection than ever before.

There’s a fiery debate going on between the FBI and Apple, over an iPhone 5C that belonged to the San Bernardino shooter.

The FBI, following a court order, is trying to force Apple into unlocking the iPhone 5C, as it believes the device could hold valuable information on the planning and execution of the terrorist attack, as well as possible contacts to any accomplices.

Apple, on the other hand, opposes the idea saying unlocking the phone would have ‘chilling consequences’ and that it would destroy the idea of online privacy.