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Océ printers getting Intel Security features

Don’t be surprised if your next toothbrush comes with an antivirus. But not for your mouth or teeth or anything of sorts, but for itself.

You see, nowadays everything is connected to the internet, thus everything needs to be protected from malware and malicious people.

Printers are no different.

That’s why Océ, a Canon company, partnered up with Intel Security. The latter will provide the former with its security services for their PRISMASync controller driven production printers. Intel Security will be providing McAfee Embedded Control to be included on PRISMAsync printers.

It makes sense, really. There has been a number of stories recently about hackers breaking into company printers, even using them as storage to save malicious or stolen data. Protecting any and all internet-connected devices in the office should be done.

“The Internet of Things is enabling greater workplace productivity with devices such as smart, connected printers, but we have to be smart as well and realise these devices may create additional security vulnerabilities,” said Tom Moore, vice president at Intel Security Group. “We appreciate Océ’s confidence in Intel Security’s ability to provide protection for their high-end production printers.”

In a press release following the announcement, the two companies listed potential security risks that might occur if you don’t protect your printer: Hackers could expose company confidential files, they could use printers as access points into the corporate network, printers could allow inbound connections from unknown and unsafe sources, they aren’t easily patched and are, often, portable devices.