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Virtual reality as good as the real thing for a quarter of people

I've tried Google Cardboard with a couple of virtual reality clips and for me – it's a mixed feeling.

Market analyst GfK, however, says that for a quarter of online consumers, virtual reality is 'as good as being there'. The company has asked people all over the world, from 22 different countries, what they thought about virtual reality, and the results are… probably expected, but interesting, nevertheless.

The younger audience is the most satisfied with virtual reality – 28 per cent of 20 – 29 year-olds say virtual reality can be as good as actually being present somewhere, while 27 per cent those aged 30-39 would agree.

The older generation disagrees – 15 per cent of 50 – 59 year-olds believe VR is as good as the real thing, while 20 per cent thinks opposite. For those 60 and over – 11 per cent agree and 27 per cent disagree.

The data is also split by country, which is where things get really interesting. Turks and Brazilians enjoy VR most – 34 per cent have claimed VR is as good as the real thing, followed by Mexico (28 per cent), China (27 per cent), and Russia (24 per cent).

Germany is on the other end of the spectrum – 32 per cent disagree VR is that good, followed by Sweden (29 per cent), Belgium and the Czech Republic (26 per cent) and The Netherlands and the UK (23 per cent).

“These findings have applications for almost all businesses,” GfK says in the press release following the report. “Whether it’s using augmented reality to enhance marketing and advertising or embracing video conferencing to bring down travel costs for meetings - knowing which markets and consumer segments are most open to virtual interactions is an essential starting point.”

The full report can be found on this link.