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Cloud transforms businesses in intangible ways

There are ways cloud-based solutions are improving businesses that are easy to spot and monitor, such as faster and more flexible access to technology, as well as less spending, but it’s the changes that you can’t see, or measure, that are transforming businesses, eg solutions says.

The Cloud Industry Forum has done the research, and here’s what cloud-based solutions can do to your business that’s basically intangible: 60 per cent have reported improvements to both customer and employee propositions, and 29 per cent have reported improvements in customer service.

Moreover, 26 per cent say customer satisfaction also improved.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to go Cloud, here’s more: 45 per cent said it was crucial to enabling innovation, while 31 per cent said it was a major initiative to improve customer service and support.

Elizabeth Gooch, CEO, eg solutions, stated: “The way in which forward-thinking organisations transact and interact with both their customers and employees today has fundamentally changed. There are opportunities for businesses of all sizes to embrace digital technologies as a means to disrupt traditional industries and secure competitive advantage.”

“The imperative for change, as seen in this research and indeed our own research findings, are many. But chief amongst them are the mounting demands of the consumer and the increasingly blurred line between our personal and working lives. This is the beginning of the era of the ‘Always-On’ Enterprise and those businesses that can adapt to the changes in the way that we as consumers interact are the ones that will flourish.”