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NVIDIA GRID live blog: The ultimate virtualisation deep dive

Hardware virtualisation - the act of using virtual rather than physical computing resources - is a rapidly growing industry, thanks to its ability to improve a company's flexibility and scalability and save significant sums of money.

Virtualisation has the power to drive several other exciting technologies, such as deep learning, supercomputing, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles, all of which have the potential to greatly impact enterprise and consumer computing in the future.

This week, I'll be travelling to the headquarters of NVIDIA in California, for a deep dive into its desktop virtualisation technology, GRID. The two day event will feature a series of technical talks covering GRID, customer case studies, and the role of GPUs in the data centre. There will also be hands-on access to review GRID in the NVIDIA lab and the chance to put the technology to the test on my own devices.

GRID ensures that any application that can run in a physical desktop can also run in a virtual desktop, meaning organisations can now expand their virtualisation footprint without compromise. It also provides an improved user experience and a centralised management system means the IT department can deliver appropraite graphics resources to each user.

I'll be covering the whole event live right here, so be sure to check back for a closer look into the power of NVIDIA's GRID technology.

Image source: Shutterstock/Katherine Welles