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EMC going all-in on SSD

Cloud computing and data storage company EMC estimates that by 2020, all storage used for production applications will be flash-based, while traditional disks will be used for bulk and archive storage only.

That’s why the company announced it’s going all-in on flash storage. Two new products have been announced this morning, the VMAX All Flash enterprise data services platform, and the EMC DSSD D5 Rack-Scale Flash Solution.

The company said the portfolio is built to fit pretty much any enterprise data centre.

“Today’s enterprise customer wants to enable their business with modern data centres that deliver agility, efficiency and speed. We’re expanding upon EMC’s primary storage strengths and all-flash leadership, built with XtremIO. With the introduction of VMAX All Flash and DSSD D5 there is virtually no data centre use case we’re unable to address from traditional high-end enterprise workloads, to use cases that people haven’t even dreamt about in the data centre of tomorrow.”

The company said that VMAX All Flash is built for consolidating mixed block and file workloads that require up to “six-nines of enterprise availability, rich data services, IBM mainframe and iSeries support, and scalable storage growth.”

For the DSSD D5 Rack-Scale Flash, the company says it offers ‘breakthrough performance’, looking to cheer up all those who value every microsecond in latency.

The company is topping it all with an extension to its Xpect More Program, to offer its customers more simplified planning, deployment and management for the VMAX All Flash Array.

“This not only removes many typical barriers to adoption of new technologies, it gives customers the ability to plan future procurement in a more predictable and efficient manner,” it said.