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Google For Work now includes more data loss prevention tools

In an effort to strengthen Google's For Work's Gmail service, the company has just added optical character recognition and predefined content detectors to the service's data loss prevention (DLP).

Google first introduced these features in December of last year at the RSA conference in San Francisco. The company outlined exactly how it would be bringing DLP to Google For Work. The updated features will first be available on Gmail and will eventually make their way to Drive.

Google For Work will now include quite a few new features. The service will now implement optical character recognition in order to be able to recognise sensitive data that appears in scanned images and copies. DLP will also be used to analyse image types and to extract text from those images. The administrators in charge of their companies Google For Work suites will have the option of enabling this tool across their entire companies to help meet compliance rules.

Predefined content detectors have also been added to Google For Work. The company will make DLP policy templates and detectors available so that companies are aware of information that can personally identify their employees. This will also include anything that is covered under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) in the US.

Additional DLP controls will also be included to better help control the number of false positives that occur. Parameters for counts and confidence of detection terms will also be available.

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Anthony Spadafora
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