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Hacking group Anonymous celebrates its top ten accomplishments

Recently Anonymous has mostly been in the news for targeting Islamic State on the web, playing its part in helping to shut down thousands of ISIS-supporting accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

But the hacktivist collective, which has been active since 2003, has initiated a lot of campaigns over the years, targeting a variety of people and organisations, some more successfully than others. The group’s list of achievements is quite impressive - ranging from getting an internet predator arrested, to taking on the Church of Scientology.

As part of a new weekly top ten series, Anonymous has released a video celebrating some of its many accomplishments, and it’s definitely worth a watch.

Other targets to feel Anonymous’ wrath have included "American white nationalist and holocaust rejector" Hal Turner, the Iranian and Russian governments, and hidden child pornography website Lolita City.

Whatever your views on Anonymous, the collective does do some good work and will no doubt do plenty more in the future.