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Unified communications key to remote working, says Outsourcery

Cloud unified communications (UC) specialist Outsourcery says that the full potential of remote working can only be achieved if strong UC tools are in place.

Tools like Skype for Business, Slack, Trello, just to name a few, are proven to boost productivity and the possibility of working from virtually anywhere, anytime, has great effects on employee satisfaction.

There have been numerous studies about the benefits of remote working, and all of them came to the same conclusion – this is something all of us should be implementing.

One of those studies was recently published by Lancaster University’s Work Foundation, which suggests that by 2017, more than half of all UK businesses will have employed flexible working at some parts of their organisation.

Jon Seddon, Head of Product at Outsourcery, commented: “As this survey found, businesses who enable their employees to work from multiple locations experience great benefits to their efficiency, employee satisfaction and industry reputation as positive places to work. With the rise of millennials in the workplace, remote working and flexible hours are becoming more commonplace and suitable systems need to be implemented in order to ensure the benefits are realised.”

One of the main concerns executives have, regarding remote working, is the lack of supervision. Some of them believe people would work less, if they’re not being monitored. Seddon believes otherwise.

“The effective collaboration and teamwork between employees working remotely is one that an integrated UC tool can greatly benefit. With voice and video calls, instant messaging and conferencing all enabled in a UC solution, workers are contactable regardless of their location, ensuring the business still runs efficiently. The ease of contact that a UC solution brings can also address the concerns of some managers who would prefer their people to be in the office. Team collaboration can be maximised with easy conference call set up across video, voice and mobile devices with powerful screen and document sharing built in.”