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New platform helps SMEs with cyber threat response

Cyber attacks don't discriminate when it comes to the size of the organisation. But smaller enterprises can lack the resources needed to effectively deal with them.

Incident response specialist Resilient Systems - which is in the process of being acquired by IBM - has designed its latest Resilient Commercial Incident Response Platform (IRP) to meet the needs of mid-sized organisations.

It offers a foundation for incident response planning, management, orchestration, and mitigation. In addition it provides immediate improvement in security teams’ ability to have an expert, consistent, repeatable, and measurable process.

"Organisations of all sizes face serious cyber threats every day. While these threats seem daunting, security teams can successfully navigate them by preparing and provisioning for incident response," says John Bruce, Co-Founder and CEO of Resilient Systems. "With the launch of our mid-market platform, we've made it easier for companies with fewer resources or a smaller footprint to transform their security posture immediately, and be better prepared to respond quickly and effectively to any threat".

The platform can be delivered as a service or installed in-house. Features include more than 18 different response plans or playbooks that are based on the latest industry standards and best practices - ensuring that response plans are consistent, proven, and repeatable.

Fast and easy incident creation and tracking is available, providing greater visibility and helping organisations ensure that incidents are captured, tracked, and fully resolved. Commercial IRP has incident workflow capabilities that allow for an orchestrated process and response, allowing security teams to move faster with more intelligence.

The platform also has collaboration tools to ensure all potential stakeholders in an organisation, such as IT, legal, marketing, HR, and the executive team, can work together to define their roles and act quickly and decisively when an incident occurs.

More information can be found on the Resilient Systems website.

Image Credit: underverse /Shutterstock