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Telenor's 36,000 employees will use Facebook at Work

Facebook at Work is now in closed beta as it prepares for its global launch later this year. The new enterprise-based version of the popular social media network already has a waiting list with over 60,000 companies who want adopt the service in their workplaces.

Now the mobile carrier Telenor, which is based out of Norway and operates in 13 countries globally, wants to adopt Facebook at Work for its 36,000 employees. The President & CEO of Telenor Group, Sigve Brekke, believes that the service offers a more natural way of communication between employees because they are familiar with the service both on the desktop and on mobile.

Telenor owns a great deal of carriers in countries like Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Pakistan and other emerging markets where mobile phones are often the main way in which people use the internet and Facebook. The company has also collaborated on Facebook's other projects such as Free Basics and its latest project Infra that was just unveiled at MWC last week.

Of the many companies that plan on adopting Facebook at Work, Telenor is in an interesting position because the company operates as a global mobile carrier. It is also the largest global company to adopt the service so far. Telenor will help provide Facebook with a global testing ground to see any situations or problems that will occur when rolling out the service to larger companies.

Facebook has also been working on adding new features to the service before its global rollout. The company recently released Work Chat which is the Facebook at Work equivalent of the social network's Messenger app.

Facebook is also working to add support for third party storage and word processing solutions. The company is already working with the cloud-based word processing app Quip to help bring it to Facebook at Work. The company is in talks with Dropbox and Box to bring their online storage solutions to the service and is planning to support Microsoft's Office 365 due to its popularity.

Telenor's adoption of Facebook at Work shows that the continued interest that many businesses have in using the service and its large scale will help Facebook gear up for the global rollout of the service later this year.

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Anthony Spadafora
After living and working in South Korea for seven years, Anthony now resides in Houston, Texas where he writes about a variety of technology topics for ITProPortal.