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Colt to offer '1GB Always' initiative to EU's businesses

Network, voice and data centre provider Colt has announced today it is bringing its ‘1GB Always’ initiative to 20 major cities in Europe.

The company said it decided to do so after a survey showed that 71 per cent of European CIOs see infrastructure speed and performance as the most important tech-based issue influencing their decisions.

Under the initiative, all existing and future Colt customers will get a 1GB bearer circuit, meaning their bandwidth can be increased with no upgrade cost, no matter at what speed they started.

Among the 20 major cities are London, Paris and Frankfurt, but the offer can be expanded to other territories as well, albeit at a lower ceiling of 600Mbps.

Carl Grivner, CEO at Colt said: “The pace that today’s IT leaders must now drive change and innovation is faster than ever. Yet companies are often faced with various barriers including the bandwidth and speed available to them. And this isn’t only an issue that affects internet-based and digital industries. The UK manufacturer’s group, EEF, rightly highlights that a fourth industrial revolution is up on us, with high speed internet having a critical bearing on the future of manufacturing industries. Regardless of sector, businesses are fast realising that a new approach is required today to help them succeed in tomorrow’s digital world.”

“Whether your business is introducing cloud services, unified comms, a BYOD policy or a new app, this can only be achieved with gigabit speed connectivity. Right now, through Colt’s network, we’ve made it possible for thousands of connected buildings to reach heightened levels of speed as standard, with the future ability to scale their network bandwidth on-demand.”