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For half of businesses, eCommerce doesn't boost profit

A recent poll into the state of eCommerce has unveiled that half of businesses believe their eCommerce sites help them be as profitable as possible.

The results were released late last week in the 2016 State of the Digital Commerce report, published by salesforce eCommerce integration company CloudCraze.

The report surveyed 340 IT and marketing professionals across business to business, as well as business to consumer industries. The goal was to reveal any opportunities and challenges digital brands and legacy commerce system users are facing today.

Besides saying that half of the businesses believe eCommerce helps them be profitable, it was also unveiled that 70 per cent of companies have spent more than $1 million (£710,000) on their website. Moreover, 30 per cent have spent more than $2 million (£1.42 million).

For almost a half (44 per cent), it took more than a year to implement the current site.

The final point of the report is that quickly updating evolving needs, scaling to the changing market and getting a holistic view of the customer are the top three pain points for brands.

The full report can be accessed via this link.

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