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Let the ERP software manage your expenses

Shrinking product lifecycles accompanied by expanding global markets, has compelled manufacturers to become more agile and responsive. These days, manufacturers are increasingly adopting and unlocking the potential of advanced tools like Microsoft Dynamics NAV that offer innovative solutions for improved supply chain management (SCM), augmented manufacturing capabilities and enhanced productivity.

Though ERP has become quite popular among manufacturers, there still exists a (small) fraction who are not very enthusiastic about buying it. They find buying, implementing and customising ERP solutions to be time consuming and thus unproductive. With this notion, they often ignore the fact that once an ERP solution is installed, the amount of money saved outweighs the initial frustrations.

ERP solutions ensure better time management

Dynamics NAV, when installed, helps executives to monitor activities of every single employee, from sales to shop floor. This gives them a better idea about how employees utilise their time. With this knowledge, the work-force is allocated efficiently to complicated assignments for quality deliverables.

NAV mitigates the cost of completing payroll, since the task that requires several man-hours, is done in few minutes.

ERP solutions ensure fewer errors

Manual management techniques are more prone to errors when compared to automated ones, since there is a chances that employees mistype or misreport information. Such errors can prove to be a nightmare, especially when an incorrect order reaches the customer or they are overcharged for their purchases. It is important to keep a check on such errors with automated methods, which an ERP system delivers.

Using the bar codes, the ERP solution ensures automated data entry. Bar codes contain massive amount of information. They can monitor current time and inventory; everything that the management team needs to know.

Also the data collection is prompt, and hence; there’s no data shunting which happens to be a case in manual entries. Updates in NAV inventory barcoding, considerably reduce the amount of time that goes in tracking materials and products.

Improved inventory management

Usually, a warehouse is seen as just a storage unit for materials and merchandise, rather than an important step in supply chain management, a link between the supplier and a customer. If the material/merchandise remains unused or unsold for a long period, it becomes worthless and a liability too. With an ERP solution, manufacturers can identify what sits in the warehouse for long periods of time, and can plan strategy to take care of it, accordingly

How will you make the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution work to your advantage?

The best way to make the ERP software and bar codes work to your advantage is to recognise the areas that will benefit the most. It is good to implement new methods and solutions, but not to forget that they come with a price tag, and the reason to get the ERP system is to reduce the costs.

Hence, you as a manufacturer should only go ahead and automate exactly what you require. Once the business needs are identified, ask your Microsoft Dynamics Partner to develop a customised solution, which fits your enterprise needs. Remember, ERP solutions can never be “one-size-fits-all”, so what works for your competitor might not work for you, and vice versa.

Moreover, enterprises should not get tempted to purchase new software, unless they know exactly how they plan to use it. Your technology partner guides you based on their expertise and experience in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which can be of benefit to you and your enterprise. Making hurried investments and overlooking vital things is harmful in this concurrent market dynamic. For any industry, saving as much as possible and keeping expenses to a bare minimum is the ultimate goal. And ERP software allows the business to easily identify and reduce unnecessary costs.

Chirag Shivalker works at Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services