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Homeless people received refurbished laptops

There’s a new initiative to try and help homeless people get back on their feet by offering them free refurbished laptops. The initiative is the brainchild of a social enterprise company, in partnership with the charity Thames Reach.

Through the initiative, homeless people in London are given refurbished laptops so that they can learn new skills and apply for jobs. The first handover, in which eight people using homelessness services in London received their devices, was held yesterday at the Thames Reach Spectrum Centre in Camden.

“Thousands of disenfranchised members of society are cut out from the job market by having no access to computers or the Internet,” said Peter Paduh, SocialBox.Biz Chairman. “How can we expect the homeless to work past their situation when they have no ability to apply for jobs or learn new skills and trades? Our Laptops For Homeless Initiative was launched to provide the UK’s homeless with a chance to rejoin society and step out of the shadows.”

Camden Deputy Leader Councillor Patricia Callaghan said:

“It was a pleasure to hand over disused laptops on behalf of Camden to individuals registered with homelessness services, which will help them get "online." We are proud to be able to provide assistance to people who have experienced hardship and are dedicated to getting their lives back on track,” said Camden deputy leader, Councillor Patricia Callaghan.

Jeremy Swain, Chief Executive of Thames Reach, said: “These computers will give the homeless and marginalised people who receive them the opportunity to communicate with friends and relatives, develop new interests and improve access to advice to improve their skills and employment prospects.”

SocialBox.Biz’s Peter Paduh added, “It’s about bettering our communities and societies by taking the laptops some deem as no longer needed and giving them to the people who need them the most.”