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IT pros feel data is safer in the cloud than on-premise

IT professionals believe their organisation’s data is more secure in the cloud than in on-premise machines, a new survey by Evolve IP, entitled 2016 Cloud Adoption suggests.

To be more precise, private clouds are the most popular solution, followed by public clouds, followed by on-premise machines.

The survey polled more than 1,080 individuals and has unveiled that 91 per cent of all organisations have at least one service in the cloud.

For hardware malfunctions and environmental disasters, almost 80 per cent said data would be safer in the cloud (55 per cent for private, 27.5 per cent for public cloud). Sixty-two per cent said the same for malicious attacks (52 per cent for private and 10 per cent for private cloud).

Overall, 50 per cent believe a private cloud is the safest solution.

“This year’s survey reinforces last year’s data that showed momentum for cloud services, with key new insights as well,” says Guy Fardone, president and founding partner of Evolve IP.

“As we predicted last year, the average number of services deployed in the cloud by an individual organization jumped significantly and we expect to see similar increases over the next several years. From the responses received, we believe that there are two driving factors behind this increase. First, there is finally alignment between executives and IT managers about the value of the cloud – previously IT managers were more sceptical. Second, nine out of 10 respondents feel that the cloud is now a mature technology and this is alleviating many concerns about reliability and customer experience.”

The survey also uncovered that the number of cloud services among businesses has increased from 2.7 last year, to just over four services. Servers, data centres, Microsoft Exchange and Office were the most popular ones.