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More IT experts worry about security after high-profile hacks

Security, and pretty much everything related to security, is the biggest challenge the IT industry is facing nowadays.

Those are the results of a new annual research conducted by IT management and innovative security systems provider Shavlik. The key takeaway point from the report is that 58 per cent of IT professionals are more concerned about system security than they were 12 months ago, and we have all the high-profile security breaches that happened recently to thank for that.

The most consistent patching challenge for a business resides in Microsoft’s operating systems, 86 per cent of respondents agree. Compared to last year, there’s a 33 per cent spike – even though many believed the spike is related to the recent release of Windows 10, it’s actually a result of Microsoft’s constant resolving of vulnerabilities, more than ever before.

“The increase in Microsoft-associated risk may be a result of the poor level of Windows 10 updates for businesses, integrating a general feeling of lack of control and selection,” said Andy Baldin, VP of EMEA, Shavlik. “However, I believe that the spate of recent cyber-attacks has given organisations an indication of the sophistication and tenacity of hackers.’’

Interestingly enough, 17 per cent of IT professionals saw mobile device patching as their main pain point, with the research’s authors describing it as a ‘dramatic fall in concerns relating to patching mobile devices’.

“The seemingly decreased concern about patching risk for mobile devices may indicate that IT professionals have stopped siloing mobile devices and systems within their organisation,” said Andy Baldin.

“With the growing sophistication of mobile capabilities and the fact that mobile is now a staple across business functions at all levels, more organisations are moving toward IT strategies that cover all types of devices. Good security management solutions enable mobile devices to be considered alongside laptops and other corporate systems, which is a trend we are seeing customers readily embracing for 2016.”