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New investments await the UK IT sector

Businesses are about to do some heavy investing in their end user estate, if a new survey by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) and Capita IT Enterprise Services is to be believed.

According to their research, 45 per cent of businesses haven’t refreshed their end user estate in the last year, and 30 per cent haven’t done it in the past two to five years.

And these are not small companies, either – the report surveyed CIOs and IT Directors from 200 companies employing 500 or more people. In the press release following the findings, the researchers said the UK enterprise IT sector is about to enter a ‘new era of end user computing investments to support digital transformation’.

“Increased investment in end user computing will have a knock on impact for the rest of industry. Businesses will be looking to the sector to help them modernise their IT and empower their employees to thrive in this digital era,” said Paul Birkin, chief technology officer of Capita IT Enterprise Services.

But refreshing your IT is not without fears – 84 per cent of businesses fear if their IT infrastructure can support a more diverse desktop landscape, and 81 per cent fear the lack of support for the increasing workforce mobility.

Then, there’s also the issue of Windows – 52 per cent said they haven’t yet planned switching to Windows 10, even though 98 per cent are using Microsoft’s services.

“End user computing executives face a huge challenge in balancing the need to drive operational efficiency, while securely supporting increasingly complex and fragmented landscapes. Windows 10 represents an opportunity to bring the mobile and traditional desktop estates closer together, but the study shows that UK businesses are adopting it at different speeds,” said Nick Mayes, principal analyst from PAC.