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Real-time messaging is transforming workplace communication

According to a new report, 56 per cent of respondents believe that real-time messaging will displace email as their organisation's primary workplace communication and collaboration tool.

The latest Trends in Cloud IT Research survey from BetterCloud surveyed over 800 people split between IT professionals and end users. The results show that while real-time messaging is gaining popularity, 27 per cent of end users and 23 per cent of IT professionals say some employees are less productive because of it.

The other side of that coin is that 80 per cent of Skype for Business users, 84 per cent of Google Hangouts users, and 95 per cent of Slack users say their communication has improved because of real-time messaging.

Small and medium businesses are most likely to use the 'big three' messaging apps - Google Hangouts, Skype for Business and Slack - with Slack in particular having 92 per cent SMB users. A majority of organisations (57 per cent), however, use two or more real-time messaging applications. Bigger businesses are likely to use even more, over 20 per cent of large enterprises (5,001+ employees) use five or more real-time messaging apps.

It seems that the telephone is under threat from this trend towards messaging too, 71 per cent of small-to-medium sized businesses (1-1,000 employees) say they will not invest in another phone system at all or will not increase their investment.

The trend towards messaging is also partly driven by shadow IT. Nearly a quarter of respondents (22 per cent) admit they either don’t know or don't care whether the real-time messaging application they use is approved by their IT department. Seven per cent say they aren’t sure if the tool they use is outside IT’s control.

You can find more in the full report which is available via the BetterCloud blog.

Photo credit: Pavel Ignatov/ Shutterstock