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Your next password might be how hard you press your keyboard

Behavioural biometrics, user authentication and malware detection company BioCatch announced today that it has been granted a patent for a new authentication technology through which devices would actually recognize their users by the way they use them.

The patent has been granted by the US Patent Office, it was said in a press release.

It is called ‘Device, system, and method for detecting user identity based on motor control loop model’. It has been described by a bunch of fancy words, but in its essence, it tracks how the user operates the device – not just the password, but also how hard he presses the buttons, where his eyes look as he types, and if (and how) his hands are shaking as he uses the device. Fancy stuff.

The company says it ‘provides biometric accuracy and continuous user authentication by combining unique cognitive, motor, behavioural, physiological, and anatomical parameters’.

BioCatch says this technology builds a user profile based on that behaviour, and that is something that ‘cannot be lost, stolen or imitated’. So basically, an impenetrable password for your device.

“The granting of this patent highlights BioCatch’s deep commitment to providing our customers with an unmatched technology platform to protect the identities of their users and prevent fraud,” said Avi Turgeman, CTO and Founder of BioCatch. “Continuing to grow our IP portfolio to offer new and innovative methods of fighting cyber-attacks is crucial to our business, and the granting of the patents is great recognition of our efforts.”