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Employee ideas are rarely taken seriously

A third of ideas which might have boosted business ROI (return of investment) never make it to the boardroom, a new report suggests.

According to the report, entitled The Guide to Becoming an EveryDay Innovator, by Wazoku, 74 per cent of employees have said their companies don’t have a strategy, or tools to encourage coming up and sharing of new ideas.

Yet, 42 per cent of employees are ‘proactively and regularly’ coming up with new ideas. On the other hand, 32 per cent see the boardroom as the driving force for innovation.

The report also says there are certain discrepancies in the understanding of the word ‘innovation’ – 78 per cent of workers believe the term means different things to different people, and 53 per cent of managers aren’t aware of what it means for business.

Luckily for everyone, there’s a new online idea management platform to help with the issue: “By introducing our new online idea management platform, The Spark, powered by Wazoku’s Idea Spotlight, we were able to build a repeatable and sustainable innovation programme to tackle our strategic challenges,” said Victor Fromm, head of business improvement at Abellio Greater Anglia. “Employees across the business are now submitting ideas to reach our vision of improving customer experience through tackling issues such as rail replacement disruptions.”

“Just 12 months in, 40 per cent of invited employees have engaged with the idea management platform and with two concepts already being piloted by senior leadership, we’re confident we’ll soon be able to report significant business improvements.”