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Government digital transformation still has a long way to go

The government seems to be the same, everywhere. According to the latest Gartner research, the digital transformation among government organisations is at an ‘embryonic’ level.

The report, entitled 2016 CIO Agenda, is looking at the impact digital transformation is having on businesses worldwide, with answers from 2,944 CIOs worldwide.

Among those answers are 379 ones from government CIOs, saying that leveraging digital technologies, and transforming traditional operational service models has become one of the top priorities for many elected leaders.

They’re looking to take advantage of the analytics, infrastructure and cloud computing technologies, but are being held back by unskilled workers and ‘rigid’ organisational cultures.

"Government organisations require the sustained focus and commitment of successive administrations to realise the cumulative, step change benefits of moving from system or process-driven business models to operating as a platform within a digital ecosystem," said Rick Howard, research vice president at Gartner.

"This calls for better succession management practices and behaviours in government. Progress toward higher levels of digital capability must not be slowed down or derailed by changes in executive leadership. Continuity of vision is the key to building on technology investments made by prior administrations."

For 40 per cent of CIOs, their budgets are growing this year, and for 45 per cent it will stay the same. Another 17 per cent have said their budgets have shrunk this year, those being ‘mainly federal and defence agencies’.

"With this much anticipated business process impact on the horizon, there is a high risk to CIOs of not being able to keep up with IT innovations," said Mr Howard. "This risk will compound over the next five years if IT budget pressures increase and the spread of business unit level IT, or shadow IT, is not strategically coordinated and managed."

Gartner’s full report can be found on this link.